AirNox Organic Liquid Fertilizer

What is AirNox Organic Liquid Fertilizer

  • AirNox Organic Liquid Fertilizer is an enriched liquid organic fertilizer.
  • It is created by enriching the Coelom Liquid with additional processes and biological materials.
  • AirNox Organic Liquid Fertilizer is developed as a Bacterial Fertilizer which is the best suited type of fertilizer for intensive agriculture.
  • 4 Advantages in One Product: Combined Drip Fertilizer, Trace Elements, Soil Improver, and Root Stimulator.
  • It saves time and money for the producer with its special contents, it helps the plant to use NPK and trace elements much more efficiently. Nourishes Both Your Plant and Your Soil which Nourishes your plant with its micro-elements and your soil with its Humic Acid and Organic Matter.



  • Usually, an organic fertilizer contains about 40-45 different types of bacterias however AirNox Organic Liquid Fertilizer contains 158 type of useful bacterias.
  • An organic fertilizer contains approximately 2 billion bacterias in 10 ml, AirNox Organic Liquid Fertilizer has 8 billion bacterias.
  • Organic Matter and Humic–Fulvic Matter rates are at least 2 times according to a normal organic fertilizer.
  • AirNox Organic Liquid Fertilizer is an all in one fertilizer. No other chemical fertilizers or vitamins, no mineral reinforcements needed when using AirNox Organic Liquid Fertilizer.


With AirNox Organic Liquid Fertilizer

  • Achieve minimum 50% less “fertilizer costs” than they had been paying in the past.
  • If your land is not blocked (ill-treated, atrophied, erased) too much due to the chemicals you have been using before, you will achieve an increased yield by approximately a minimum of 50% – 100% depending on the product type.
  • Farmers who use AirNox Organic Liquid Fertilizer in their lands, right from the start (from the time of plowing) will obtain the same amount of product every year.
  • When fertilizing with AirNox Organic Liquid Fertilizer, you should never use any other product (additional elements such as bottom fertilizer, zinc, phosphate, NPK, etc.) besides AirNox Organic Liquid Fertilizer!!
  • Farmers will be able to grow the same product in the same land every year without having to make a change.
  • Using 3-4 litres of AirNox Organic Liquid Fertilizer for one decare (1000 m2.) farmers will obtain perfect crops and the chance to pick up “Early Crops” within a period of 15-20 days which means the opportunity for the farmers to take their products to the market earlier and sell them for higher prices.



  • With AirNox Organic Liquid Fertilizer, the cost will reduce and Harvest Yield will be increased by approximately 50% to 100%, Organic Product, Earliness, No Rotation and No Fallow.