AirNox Nozzle EB-AIR03 for AdBlue®


2.5 kg/pc

1. Inlet size:BSPF/NPT 3/4”

2. Outlet size:19mm

3. Flow rate:0-45L/min

4. Package:10 pcs/ctn, carton size: 425*330*400mm, 25kg/carton

5. Feature:

1. The outlet is made of 304 stainless steel pipe, gun body material: plastic, tubing material: plastic to be used for chemical, petroleum, sanitary, edible oil and beverage services.

2. Stainless steel structure: no corrosion and no oxidation. Its design complies with national health standards.

3. AdBlue® nozzles (DEF nozzles) can be used for acid, diesel, gasoline, kerosene service, and can also be used to transport lubricating oil, vegetable oil, edible oil, beverages and low-corrosive water.

4. The full-hand insulator can protect the AdBlue® nozzle (DEF nozzle) , vehicle, and protect the user’s hand.

5. Before delivery, each AdBlue® nozzle (DEF nozzle) will be strictly inspected by professionals”