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What is AdBlue® ?

AdBlue® is an exhaust fluid that has its separate tank and is stored completely separated from the vehicle’s fuel.

To be precise, AdBlue® is urea in liquid form. It is composed of 67.5% ionised water and 32.5 % urea. When the engine is heated up, the AdBlue® fluid also heats up and releases ammonia which acts as the catalyst. The released ammonia reacts chemically and converts nitrogen oxide into water and nitrogen which are two absolutely harmless substances. These are then ousted as exhaust gases, reducing the pollution caused by diesel automobiles.

You should always get AdBlue® topped up whenever you get your vehicle for servicing, and you might require to top it up once or twice between the services. Usually, the vehicles have indicators and blue colored cap for you to know where this fluid is supposed to go, however, it would be much better if you refer to the vehicle’s manual, and also understand the features while buying it.

The most effective way to reduce Nox emissions from diesel cars is the usage of AdBlue® in their engine. You will see a warning sign if the level of your AdBlue® decreases on the dashboard of your car. This indicates the time to fuel up the engine with pure AdBlue®. Make sure it will not run out completely or else your car will not start again. Once you refuel it with AdBlue®, it will get its original performance again. You can easily store AdBlue® as it is non-inflammable.


AIRNOX is the place where you can buy AdBlue® in South Africa and African Countries

  • High Quality, Certified AdBlue®.
  • Metered bulk delivery service for AdBlue®.
  • Extensive range of packed options.
  • Nationwide delivery.
  • High quality dispensing and storage equipment.
  • Guaranteed Quality to IS0 22241 standard and specifications.
  • Level 1 BBBEE Compliant.

AirNox is a South African based popular supplier of AdBlue®, a diesel exhaust fluid helpful in reducing the harmful emissions released by modern diesel vehicles.

In order to achieve the target of net-zero carbon-reduction in many countries, it becomes crucial to make use of diesel exhaust fluid in modern diesel vehicles. Also, it becomes a legal requirement in most countries to buy AdBlue® and use it in your heavy vehicles and/or passenger vehicles to eliminate harmful exhaust emissions. So, if you are the owner of a modern diesel-filled car or a goods vehicle then it becomes your responsibility to find out where to buy AdBlue® and keep your vehicle safe from harmful emissions.

As an official and licensed supplier of AdBlue® in South Africa, AirNox is all set to supply AdBlue® at the most affordable price and in any quantity you want. To buy AdBlue®, you can always trust AirNox, one of the oldest suppliers.


How AdBlue® is used?

Whenever you are using SCR technology you will need to use AdBlue®. During this process, nitrogen oxide that is released from diesel engines starts being eliminated. To store AdBlue®, each large vehicle has a tank that is suitable for the vehicle size. When AdBlue® is sprayed into the exhaust system, the SCR catalyst starts its work by breaking down the harmful Nox into water and nitrogen.


For how much time can AdBlue® be Stored?

You can store AdBlue® for up to 12 months if you are storing it safely at temperature between -11 degrees Celsius to 30 degrees Celsius. You can buy AdBlue® storage tank from AirNox to safely store it at the required temperature. As per your requirement, you can either go for hand pump or electric pump options. With the help of these pumps, the process of dispensing becomes much easier.


Pricing of AdBlue®

We always try to supply AdBlue® at the most affordable cost. But in many cases, the price range for AdBlue® depends on the quantity and time. Whether you order AdBlue® in bulk or in small quantities, the price may vary. Our customers often wait to buy AdBlue® for sale, from time to time we offer this feature also. You will get AdBlue® at a reduced cost when you are purchasing at the time of sale. Also, the quotes at AirNox are the most competitive on the market, you will never get disappointed with the pricing.


Delivery of AdBlue®

As per the requirement of our customers, AirNox always tries to make the delivery as quick as possible. Even our customers often look for AdBlue® for sale and purchase it from us at a minimum cost. No matter what your requirement is, AirNox ensures safe and quick delivery. Below are some details about our delivery.

  • A small amount 5, 10 and 20 litres – If you are considering the amount for light usage go for small quantities. You can buy AdBlue® by ordering it to your place or come to us to fuel up your car.
  • 210 litres drum – This amount of diesel exhaust fluid will work to keep you on your way for some time.
  • 1000 litres – If you or any of your employees frequently use modern goods vehicles then you may need to buy AdBlue® in huge quantities. Contacting AirNox will be beneficial in this case too. To ensure a safe delivery, our team delivers this quantity in an intermediate bulk container (IBC).
  • 5000 litres or more – We have customers who often demand such a big amount of AdBlue®. We will deliver in bulk for this big load.

If you are a person who usually searches “AdBlue® for sale near me” to buy a huge quantity of diesel exhaust fluid at an affordable price, then you do not need to go anywhere. We can obtain any quantity for you even if it is 5000 litres of AdBlue® or more, the condition here is that you should have a proper storage room for it. If you do not have a storage room for bulk storage then ask us, AirNox is all set to provide you with a storage tanks as well. Getting a storage tank is a perfect way to store AdBlue® for a long time and keep it safe and clean.

If you are looking for where to buy AdBlue® in bulk from one of the best suppliers, then you landed on the correct page. You just simply need to fill-up the form on our site and send it to us. This form will let us know some crucial details such as the delivery address, quantity, etc. The AirNox team will make sure to make the delivery as fast as possible. Usually, we make every delivery within 48 hours of receiving confirmation.

AirNox manufactures its AdBlue® in a new, state of the art, production plant in Johannesburg, South Africa. Using only the highest spec automotive grade urea, all our AdBlue® is independently tested and verified prior to release, to ensure you only get the ISO 22241 Quality required by your vehicle manufacturer.

Bulk AdBlue®

Buy Bulk AdBlue® from AirNox


AirNox Pty Ltd, established in 2018, is an accredited, proud manufacturer and supplier of complete AdBlue® solutions for operators of SCR diesel vehicles across South Africa, Africa, and the global community.

From our current 16-million-litre-per-year production plant, we make high-quality AdBlue® available to every resident/business in South Africa, the African continent, and the world.

Based on our customer’s needs, we can deliver AdBlue® in different quantities, from 5 litres, 10 litres, 20 litres to bulk deliveries such as 210 litres, 1000 litres, and in metered, bulk deliveries.


Please contact us so that we can know how best to serve you.


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Transfer and Pumping Equipment for AdBlue®

Buy AirNox Pumping Equipment used for AdBlue®


Our range of high-quality, pumps and dispensers are available to help you dispense AdBlue® from either drums or IBC with absolute ease. You can choose to use either a manually or electrically operated pump depending on several factors such as the number of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) vehicles you are operating, the size of your fleet, and your vehicles’ annual mileage.

AirNox pumps and dispensers are strong and durable—they could withstand being used regularly in your transport yard, under any weather condition, making sure that the quality of your AdBlue® is never affected.


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Buy Bulk Organic Fertilizer from AirNox


AirNox Organic Fertilizer, created by enriching the Coelom Liquid with additional processes and biological materials, is developed primarily as a Bacterial Fertilizer that is good for expansive, small-, medium- and large-scale agriculture/farming.

4-in-1 Advantages of AirNox Organic Fertilizer: Combined Drip Fertilizer, Trace Elements, Soil Improver, and Root Stimulator.

More importantly, AirNox Organic Fertilizer is cost-efficient and timesaving for any producer possessing its special raw materials. It helps plants to readily absorb NPK and trace elements, and it will nourish your plants with its micro-elements and your soil with its humic acid and organic matter.


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